>I Will Remember You-Or Things I will miss about Washington

>I have never been silent about my dislike of Washington Rain. I capitalize it because it deserves respect. It is a force to be reckoned with, but I feel sorry for the reckoner. After seven years I have grown to use the “H” word when it comes to the rain. For those who have never been to Washington and experienced at least three rainy winters in a row I say -“Oh my gosh you are so lucky-what’s it like in the real world-is it still there? “
For all that I don’t like about the state of Washington (liberals, rain, Olympia, no jobs) there is much that I do. Oh, I do.

Like Mt. Rainier. When I come over the last hill on HWY 6 going to Chehalis, its there. Big as the Moon. Just as beautiful and wondrous as any heavenly body. I could stare at it for hours. The power, the glory!

I really need a better camera. The point and shoot just doesn’t convey all the glory!

I will miss apple trees that grow wild, and bear strange fruit. I will miss seeing deer and elk on my drive home. I will miss the festivals that go on throughout the summer. (Winlock Egg Days!) The classic cars that come out on sunny days. Picturesque settings. Beautiful views. Sun showers! Momma skunks with babies following behind; all the tails bouncing along.

The Chehalis River with Doty Bridge Construction in the background.

Not everything about Washington has been terrible. I had two of my babies here. I had a great job with great co-workers. I have met some VERY interesting people. I made a couple of good friends. So as much as I can’t stand the rain I am torn. That’s the most surprising part of all of this. I am really torn. I am dying to get out of here, but not ready to say goodbye.

Safeway-Chehalis My Manager Steve was THRILLED I took this.
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The delicious soups that nursed me through two pregnancies.

In conclusion (how professional!) I admit defeat. I fell a little bit in love with the crying sensitive, guy. The arm candy, with the never ending tears. That’s how I feel about Washington. Sure he was beautiful to look at, but his blubbering always left me with boogers on my prom dress.


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  1. >I love that Washington pharm girl. Being an Alabama pharm girl is going to be exciting. If you ever feel like you miss Washington too much, call me and I will remind you that it is STILL raining, and you'll feel much better. 😉

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