>We Are Everybody!!

>Voting season is upon us. My answering machine is FULL of attack ads. Instead of frizzing your hair up with all my hot air, I will take things in a different direction.

It’s about our differences. It’s about love.

I grew up with a VERY opinionated father. That is the understatement of the past, present and future. He still has opinions on everything. Just ask him.

I consider myself to be a very conservative person. I came to this point while on my own journey. I believe there is a Creator. I believe He made all things. I believe with Him all things are possible. I believe Him when he says “Love Your Neighbor.”

Not your Christian neighbor, your Straight neighbor, or your Ideological Clone neighbor. Nope. You just gotta love em where they are. Right there. Nowhere else, just there. I am pointing at a map, and it reads “You Are Here and Right There is Your Neighbor.” Stick a push pin in it. Yeah, there. Make it a red one so you remember.

That said, we have to remember that during elections, debates, and family dinners, things will get heated. Disagreements are good. They keep us sharp. What they should NEVER do is make us draw lines in the sand. Or stick tape to the floor. Or cause cracks, and rifts in relationships. (Mitt Romney just robo-called me….) Let’s leave the escalating to escalators.

So cast your vote, call a friend, and share a quiet non political moment. Hugs feel the same across all party lines. (See there? I just got all touchy feely.)

If a kid asks where rain comes from, I think a cute thing to tell
him is, "God is crying." And if he asks why God is crying,
another cute
thing to tell him is,
"Probably because of something you did." Jack Handey


One response

  1. >I couldn't agree more. I'm a liberal. I became a liberal on my own. I live in a conservative town. I have conservative parents. My grandfather has signed pictures of every Republican President he gave a boatload of money to. But not me, I'm liberal. I went to a liberal college. I voted for Obama. And I love my neighbors. The gay ones. The straight ones. Even the conservative ones. This is a well written and timely post as I myself was working on one for tomorrow. 🙂 Thanks

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