>Golly Gee Monikers…

>Now that I am several entries into the blog, I find that I want to write about my husband. He does a lot of silly stuff. He makes interesting blurtations and other noises. This should be recorded for posterity, and so his children can laugh, and laugh, and laugh.

My problem…no moniker. No nickname. No cutesy wootsey love name. I can’t come up with anything! I have seen DH, Marlboro Man, Mr. G., Hubs, etc. All fun and catchy. My guy? I cannot find a name that encompasses all that is HIM.

I could call him Smart Ass, or Jerkface. Not nice, but sometimes it applies. Ol’ Blue Eyes is so passe. Stud Muffin would make my mom uncomfortable. As would Love Machine. I could go sickening with Kitten Whiskers, or Muffin Cake as an ode to Shrek. Hey, Shrek would work very well. He is an AWFUL lot like my husband. Again, just not original!!! I guess I could just write HIM, but then others might confuse HIM with the Lord. I cannot have that.

I have thought of his hobbies and tried to go that route. Golf Guy, Mike Tyson’s Punch Out Playa, Ebay Ray, Craig’s List Loonie, Big Gun. Lame, lame, lame, lame, lame! I like his chest muscles, so in my mind I shout, Chester! Uh no. Sizzle Chest? Double no. Turbo Teets? Quit it now!

I also like his hiney. I’m being flagged for my spelling on that one. Oh I gotta say it Harry Hiney. I could call him HH. Not too far from the DH, but with a super secret meaning only I will understand!

I have to stew and mull over this one.


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  1. >That's how I spell hiney too. Screw spell check. And I too had the "name the husband" dilemma. I don't know why people just can't say "Matt" or "John" but there's a lot of pressure for a cutesy moniker. I call Matt Hubs but Blue Eyes, Computer Geek and Sexy Beast or Dr. Lovegod also apply.

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