>First Project-Boys Room

>I cleaned the boys room this morning and thought I should take some pictures before they demolished it.  I  remembered that I had taken some before pictures, so I thought I would put up those too.  After all that thinking…here they are!


The bookshelves
Cracks stuffed with towels and socks.
The room had become kind of a catch-all over the years.  It was full of cooking and gardening books that belonged to my husbands aunt. Oh, don’t forget the rat turds! The floor was just plywood.  The walls were paneling, paneling, paneling.  I began the makeover hoping to just paint the paneling.  Two walls turned out perfect.  When I got around the windows, thats when the magic happened.  The bad kind.  Some drunk driver had crashed into that side of the house at some point in time and there was damage.  The stains kepts coming through the paint.  It went through Kilz and everything!  And!  Some of the paneling had cracks in it so the paint was seeping beneath and lifting away the plastic like surface.  Had to demo the room.  Well, at least the paneling.  It felt like demo.  Stuff was flying everywhere!
Then I had to learn to plaster the walls real quick like.  That was fine.  I wanted a really smooth skim coat, but that is above my pay grade.  So I worked until I got the most minimal looking texture.  I like it well enough.  Where the walls meet the floor was a challenge.  When I tried to apply the plaster, the wall began to fall apart.

Like that corner there.  So, I just did my best and we got some really tall baseboard.
Here is the After:

This pic is a little bright.  Wow!
Every boy needs maps!
Here is the flooring I put in…MYSELF!

No room is complete without the picture of the cowboy lighting his cigarette.
I apologize for the picture quality.  Some day I will have my camera.  Then I will be a real blogger!

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  1. >What an adorable room Liz. You are a natural at that kind of stuff. I bet the boys love it. Their little beds are so cute. LOVE the floor and the tall mop boards. We have those tall mop boards too, and love them. Great job!!!

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