>A Slice Of Life…Or…It’s all in the angle, man!

>I am not my blog and my blog is not (fully) me.  Now, hold on, don’t think I have been pulling the wool over your eyes.  I haven’t.  A little cheese cloth, maybe.   

Case in point.

Usually when bloggers put up a post about foodie stuff, or making crafts you get this picture:

The classic “Cast Of Characters” shot.
These shots are meant to look just thrown out there.  All natural.  Readers are meant to think,  “Oh my!  She is SO organized!”  The blogger just smiles and nods.  Underneath that seemingly perfect facade is a dark under belly…..OF THIS!

Cover the EYES of your children for THIS:

Here is the original shot before I modified it:
Do you really THINK I want everyone to know that I take Metamucil and drink DIET CAFFEINE FREE SAM’S COLA???   I have an image to maintain!  And you KNOW I am going to show everyone that I use HAIN sea salt. 
You see, my blog is not about my best or my worst.  It’s ultimately what I want.  I want to be as honest as I can, but sometimes my pride takes over.  Do I feel guilty about doing this?….eh…a little.  But show me one blogger out there who has perfectly meshed life and blog, and I will show you a lunatic.  A tired lunatic.

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  1. >Ha ha! Very interesting and thought provoking. I read this after I posted my photos of the apple pie baking fest at my place yesterday. I wonder how how much I left out. I did tell the world that my friends called me the Pie Nazi, but I did think about whether to share that!

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