Well color me happy, there’s a sofa in here for two!!!

Anyone who reads my blog or is my friend on Facebook knows how long I have been dreaming of my “real blogger” camera.  You know, the one that actually captures what I am trying to show you?  All color, and light, and dreaminess?

In a last ditch effort of pure shameless desperation, I added a donation button to my page.  Yes, the situation truly is THAT sad.  You see, everytime I get thisclose to being able to plunk down the cash and come home with my baby, something breaks.  Something BIG.  Three years I have waited for a tax return to come in and save the day.  Three years, something bad financially has happened. 

Well, today.  THIS DAY.  I had my first donation.  And even though I am NOWHERE near what I need for a camera…I have EVERYTHING I need in my heart.  A strangers love/pity has made me overjoyed.  So to you my first beautiful donor, I am sending you love, love, love.  Thank you so very much!

Much love to you all,



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