>Shootout on the Clements Farm

>I have never shot a handgun before.  (Not that I can remember at least.)

Today, Jon wanted to bond with me.  His version of bonding is to shoot guns.

My options were a 22 caliber and a 9mm (If I wrote this wrong, forgive me, I am gun illiterate.  Sorry, Dad.)

I threw on Jacob’s biker jacket to complete my shooting ensemble, and ran out to meet my love.

Everything went off without a hitch with the 22.  Then…the 9mm.  Whoops.

I was aiming for an overturned white bucket parked next to the chicken coop.  (Remember, no chickens live there.  No ANIMALS were harmed during this experiment.)

Here is what I hit:

Pointing to a second bullet hole.  It came from the grassy knoll, I swear!
Yup, both windows.  Yikes.
Not the leather!!!

Lesson learned:  Don’t stash Cadillacs around the farm.


3 responses

  1. >Oy. I shot a gun once. It was a 9 mm. I cried. Like CRIED. Two years after that I saw 16 yo boy shot a hole through his hand with one. I don't like guns anymore. You go girl.

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