>Sucker for a Sense of Humor

>I have always loved comedians.  I mean, love, love.  My first crush was not typical…at all.  I remember it clearly.  I wrote a letter to the man I would marry. I saved it in my big brown sketch book.  Tenderly I wrote every word and sealed it with a kiss, hoping to one day mail it to:


Chevy Chase.  You read that right.  Not Kirk Cameron, no Brat Pack, no New Kids for This Kid, Michael Jackson…whatev!  Chevy Chase.  He was HUGE in my young life.  My first memory is of the movie Modern Problems.  Oh my, I was smitten.  He was silly, tanned, and had a super power.  What is better than that?  Throw in Seems Like Old Times and Foul Play with Goldie Hawn-fuggedaboudit!!!

Sadly, the letter was never mailed.  It was discovered by my mom!  She laughed at me!  Alas, love torn asunder.

Running along in a parallel love fest was my undying affection for these two guys:

Steve Martin!!!!!


Bill Murray!!!!

Honorable mention must also go to Dan Akroyd.  I love him, too.  Ghostbusters would have been but a shadow without his portrayal of Ray Stantz.  But Bill Murray, has that comic genius that springs up from somewhere so strange and wonderful, I want to go there and laugh, and laugh, and laugh.  If you have not seen The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, please do.  If you get nothing from it, you will at least know the inner workings of my sense of humor.

Steve Martin is so very near and dear to my heart, because he plays the banjo like a madman.  Talented?  That would be an understatement.  Married with musical genius is the greatest off the wall talent that I have ever witnessed.  His is the Maestro of Quirk.  I had the chance to see him play live and in person.  If I had the chance to meet him, I would probably pee my pants.  I don’t care what his personal or political beliefs are.  I just love him.  Unconditionally.  LooooOOOOOvvvveeeee!  If you have met him and he is an old curmudgeon, don’t tell me.

Moving later into my teens and twenties I had two raging crushes on the next two lads:

Jim Carrey ♥

Mike Myers ♥

I wanted to MARRY these guys.  I think you are getting the drift.  I tended to love guys who had an amplified version of my sense of humor.  I am pretty wacky.  If I had ever paired up with either one of them, I would have spontaneously combusted.  Either from laughing or trying to one up them. It would have ended badly.  When Jim Carrey was with Jenny McCarthy I thought, “Wow, kooky funny blonds CAN get comedians!!”  Life was so positive for me during that time. ☺

Just to show you that I am surreeusss, I will admit something that NO ONE knows.  I also nursed a little crush for this guy:

Arsenio Hall is pretty dang funny.  I watched his nightly talk show just to hear his jokes.  When the Wayans Brothers made fun of him on In Living Color…I. was. mad.  Don’t shoot down my Arsenio!!  I don’t know what happened to him.  If you can tell me I would love to hear it.  Arsenio Hall made a lot of my miserable school nights lighter and easier to deal with.

Now that I am married to my Southern Born and Bred Hunk O Manly, I don’t crush on comedians anymore.
But I still have ones that tap into silliness central.  These next two make me laugh so hard that I cry, pee, and sometimes cough uncontrollably.

Too much!


Zach Galafianakis ( I hope to the Maker I spelled that right!)

So now you know my secret loves.  The weird thing is, I never dated anyone like these guys!  I have always dated the brooding, serious jack ass.  I guess I was so prideful that I had to be the funny one in the relationship.

Got any secret loves??  Feel free to share.


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