Until I get rich…or bored…this is the blog!!

I am throwing in the towel.  Stick a fork in it for now.  This – blog- is -clee-uh (clear).

Always thrilled to throw in a Poltergeist reference along with the proverbial towel.

I was getting used to my little home over at Blogger. (Sniff-sniff) Time for the big guns to come out.  If this blogging thing is going to be my thing, I better get on the stick!!!  Twenty lashes with a wet noodle if you can remember what the name of the typing teacher was who would shout “Time to get on the stick!”.  That would be for my old school Hanford High peeps.  The name has completely escaped me.  I am old.  He had the crazy eyes, and clown hair.  Real serious, except for his occasional outburst of donkey like guffaws.


See?  You can teach an old dog new tricks!!


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