Other peoples kids…or photo-less Wednesday

My little Levi doesn’t say too much.  In fact, he is currently in speech therapy.  (appointment tomorrow! i almost forgot!) He communicates with me in the way that a mother can understand.  Crying, whining, pulling on me, with a word thrown in here or there.

My niece comes over about once a week.  She is almost three. Her speaking ability is off the charts compared to my boys.  Rolling up her sleeves and attempting to do the dishes is no problemo.  She tries to change diapers, pour milk for everyone, and let’s me know when somebody stinks.  I love her!

She also is great at telling me when something I have made to eat “is nasty”.  “That’s nasty”  “That looks nasty” “This smells nasty” “My juice is nasty”

So imagine my shock and surprise when my dear precious Levi was served his lunch and without taking a bite screamed “That’s NASTY!”  And flung the plate.

Oh dear.


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