Repurposing against my will!!!!

A few days ago I got a wild hair and wanted to make a laptop cozy.  So I started one right away.  I chose some Wintuk yarn that I had in baby pink and black, and then used a little Super Saver in white for a thin stripey effect.  All was going quite well…

starting out well...

looking good!!!

I made it about half way then I ran out of black and extremely low on pink.  I really hate to stop in the middle of a project.  So, I jumped online and found a site that had plenty of the yarn.  I ordered extra because I had an idea for a future project.  Order confirmed, moving on.  I made a phone cozy for Jon’s phone.  It was cute and small, so there was pawlenty of yarn.Two days after the order was confirmed, I received and email stating that the yarn had been discontinued from the manufacturer.  I knew that JoAnn had stopped carrying it, but just assumed it was unpopular.  I guess it was reeeeeeellllly unpopular.  ‘Cause its gone, baby, gone.Rather than try to match another yarn, or start over.  I just made this:

Yay, ANOTHER purse.

All up the backside of the thang...

I should just set out to make purses.  Then maybe, a magical unicorn would appear.  With trails of sparkles and flowing afghans in its wake.


2 responses

  1. Did you see my knitted phone cover. It’s so cute 🙂 purses are fun. You should figure out socks. Cause you can never have too many socks.

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