I’ve Taken the Mommy Pledge

I am a very green blogger.  VERY GREEN.  I started a few months back when I knew that my family and I would be moving from Washington to Alabama.  Sharing our story of adventure and faux pas was my goal.  Not numbers, not readers, just fun.

Well, leave it to me to want it to be more than that.  In my search for more numbers, a friend suggested that I hop onto the Twitter train.  I did, and that is where I first learned of the The Mom Pledge.  I followed the group, and started to read what they were all about.  I was flabbergasted.

I never realized that bullying was so prevalent among us mommy types.  One would almost think that was impossible while browsing all of the blogs focused on pro-momma, pro-family, pro-homeschool, pro-baby wearing, etc.  There is a wealth of mom to mom knowledge out there that I never dreamed of.

But there is a dark underbelly, that tries to pass itself off as a guiding light.  Moms who judge, attack, gently barb, and push each other.  I have experienced a little of it outside of the blog, and I know I have dished it out.

My sense of humor is extremely sarcastic and dry.  Well, that’s not entirely true.  Sometimes it is slobberingly silly.  (I no longer drink, so that seems to have eliminated a large amount of THAT.)  I have at times realized that at about 15 surly comments into a conversation online,  I am not being interpreted as funny, witty or wise.  And because I typed it and recorded it permanently in the reader’s mind, I can never take it back.  The only thing I can hope to do is one day tell them physically or orally through the telephone line that I was being a doofus.  How many of our blogger friends can we just pick up and call?  Or go see? We have to choose our words, so carefully, no matter how noble our intentions.

That’s why I am not going to mull over this decision any longer. I am going to take the pledge and know that each momma knows what is best for her child.  If she doesn’t, I will pray that someone comes into her life that will show her the way, in love and kindness. Not because she was badgered into doing something that myself or others said was right.

In taking this pledge, I know that there is potential to lapse back into old patterns.  I invite anyone within the sound of this inner dialogue to call me on it.  We need accountability just as much as we need each other.

Together, let’s make the world a friendlier, more supportive place.  After all, us moms make the world go round.  Why not stand together?


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