Dreams are dumb.

I have been having weird dreams.  Normally it’s not a problem, except for the recurring stinkers.  When we lived in Washington I used to have a recurring dream where Jon and I took the fam to visit the fam in California.  At some point in the dream I realize that we have been there for months.  First that makes me worry about the state of our home in Washington, and whether I will be fired from the pharmacy.  Second, I realize that Jon went out with friend one night after we arrived, and never came back.  So the dream unfolds in two directions.  One direction is that Jon has moved back in with his Navy buddies and is getting drunk and womanizing.  The other direction is that he has slipped off back to Alabama and no one back there will let me talk to him.  It is maddening.

Well, last night the dream started out in direction two, but then took a new twist.  We joined him in Alabama, but then he ran off to Lemoore, CA and married a 26-year-old.  Then he said he wanted the kids to call her Mommy and they mainly wanted Levi.

I was sooooooooo mad.  I was screaming and yelling.  Not at the 26-year-old clueless girl, but my dolt of a husband.  I was slapping him and kicking him.  At one point I threw rocks at his head.

The worst part is that no matter how many times I would wake up and realize that it was all a dream, as soon as I closed my eyes the dream would pick up where it left off.  How I was not kicking and moaning in the bed is beyond me.  I was running and throwing rocks like a maniac.  Sometimes there ARE enough rocks.


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