So much for Saturday…

Thunder.  Lightning.  Downpour.

I woke up to darkness and all of the above.  Ho diddly hum. There went my Saturday plans.

No Yarn.


On a lighter note, I made a breakfast that looked like the Hulk barfed on my plate.  I took baby spinach and stuffed it into my pseudo bullet (the real Magic is outta commission-need gaskets).  Added a few eggs, salt and pepper.  Scramble, scramble. Voila!  Bright green scrambled eggs.  2 pats o unsalted butter on top and it was creamy, yummy goodness.

Guess I will get to work on a Joni inspired project.  I won’t post any pics of what I am working on, as I have decided to send it as a gift for a faithful reader.  I ♥ super secret projects!!!


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