Medical Monday: Dreaded CE’s

The time for license renewal is right around the corner. 😦  I am quite good at getting most out of the twenty CE’s I have to do out of the way.  Usually.  Usually I have them done in the first year and year two is partay time.  Not this year.  I have to do five classes before July.  Doesn’t seem too tough does it?  Yeah, let me give you the titles of these fascinating subjects:

“Immunizations and The Pharmacy”  Oh joy.

“Prebiotics-Educating Consumers and Health Care Professionals About an Emerging Health Concept” Sounds cleansing.

“Reducing Prescription Drug Abuse And Improve Patient Care With Abuse-Deterrent Opioid Analgesic Formulations” Yawn.

“Improving Patient Adherence in Type II Diabetes: An Evidence Based Approach Course” More with the type II adherence stuff?  Just give ’em a pop up book and a lollipop! Oh wait…

“Globalization of the Drug Supply:  Implications, Issues, and the Need for Advocacy, Education, and Safe Sourcing” I don’t know about you, but the word advocacy irritates me.

Well there they are.  Either I do them, or my license lapses.  I’ll. Do. Them.


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