Coo-Coo Cooped Up.

Where the heck is all the global warming? (Don’t worry, I kid.)  I have had it up to here > 😦 < with the dreary days, being cooped up inside, my legs aching to hit the pavement.  Honestly, there is only so much inside work I can do.  Really.

I just went through about 10 bins that were on the back porch.  I was brutal.  I actually boxed up all of my Precious Moments and marked them “donate”.  (They’ve been in a box for 10 years.)  Scratch that.  I kept two.  One of a little boy on a tractor that has a Dear Jon letter and another of a little girl sewing.  The Dear Jon, I kept because the note spells Jon like my husband does.  That is a rare find.  I kept the little girl for the obvious.  Sewing.  Duh.

I also boxed up a bunch of books to donate, toys, baby stuff, Christmas decorations, scrap fabric, an old sewing machine, and some clear containers.  Why in the world we moved all this junk I will never know.  I must have been too tired to figure it all out.  I had to have talked to someone about it.  Can you call me and refresh my memory?

The hardest purge for me is books.  I love books.  Over the years I have rid myself of plenty, but not without that first sting of guilt.  Ultimately I have to tell myself that if the book is just sitting there when someone else could enjoy it, I am committing a heinous crime. So into the boxes go the books. If I really miss them, I can go to Goodwill and buy em again.

The past three days have also been cruddy for me health wise.  I am sooooooo tired.  I feel wretched.  My stomach is nauseous after EVERY meal.  I bloat out like a manatee.  My eyes have dark circles.  I get winded easily.  It’s the pits.  No I am not pregnant.  I assure you!  No matter what I take, like iron or a mutivitamin, I feel worse.  Along with that anticipated global warming, I  guess am waiting for Obamacare as well. We don’t have insurance right now.  I can’t exactly run in to the doctor for blood work without breaking us. I already broke us last year with my Yaz debacle.  I really should blog about that at some point, but I am just too tired.  Maybe its a tumor. (It’s not a tumor.) Maybe.  (It’s not.)  Anyhoo, I do NOT want to subject myself to another round of tests and radiation only to be told I am in tip-top shape according to the numbers.  Yeah, shove your numbers.  I NEVER feel good.  I haven’t since I took your stupid pills.  Of course it’s all in my head.  Anxiety. mmmmhmmm.  Stress.  Sure!  Oh yes, I will take your antidepressant, your benzodiazepines, and your anti arrhythmics. Yup, I have no desire to function in life.

Boy, I need the sunshine.  I need to get outside.  This is awful.  Sigh/sad face.


2 responses

  1. I can’t get rid of books. I just cannot bring myself to do it. Unless it’s like LOUSY. then yeah.

    I feel you on the bad weather. I rained here all week last week. Now it’s 85 though and I’m flippin hot.

    Not that I need to tell you this but I hate artificial hormones. Hate em. I’d rather have four more kids than ever take the stupid pill again. I’m sorry you’re going through this. What a pain.

  2. Books are hard for me to, but not books that I read, but all of the b’zillions of reference and homeschool educational books we have. Seriously…how many kids books on frogs does on family need? I think we have six.

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