Medical Monday-Nettie Pot-pourri

Oh man, I picked up a doozy somewhere.  My face feels like I have been swimming in an over chlorinated pool.  All day.  Maybe all week.Stuffed up, clogged sinuses.  It hoits! (I bet the foul disease was lurking on a WalMart shopping cart, just waiting for me!)

Thanks to a certain medication induced condition, I cannot drink, or take anything that gets my heart revved up.  So, I am left with my trusty nettie pot and packets of Neilmed Sinus Rinse.

I used it twice last night.  I did manage to get some relief, great relief actually, the first go round.  The wonderful sensation of free breathing lasted only 15 minutes.  It was a good 15 minutes. About an hour later, I broke down and did it again.  That time, one side was SO plugged up, the rinse went nowhere.  Just ran back out the same side I was pouring it into.

I found a jar of Vick’s and just started coating the inside of my nose and upper lip.  Then I collapsed into bed.  Didn’t do a lot a sleeping.  Just mouth breathing.  All night.  I also forgot to brush my teeth.  At about 5:30 am I gave up and got out of the bed.  I am sure Jon appreciated my green cloud of morning breath following me out of the  bedroom.

Any suggestions for me?  Some old farts at the pharmacy used to swear by this stuff:

Okay, this stuff scares me!  I’ll bet it works!  It probably blows up your sinus passages.  I may get desperate enough to try it.  The guys we ordered it for swore by it.

From the website:

Alkalol is a unique blend of naturally antiseptic ingredients, including: Purified Water (USP); Menthol; Eucalyptol; Thymol; Camphor; Benzoin; Oils of Wintergreen, Spearmint, Pine, and Cinnamon; Potassium Alum; Potassium Chlorate; Sodium Bicarbonate; Sodium Chloride; Alcohol (2/100 of 1%); Caramel Color. Alkalol is preservative free.

See all that minty crap?  Thats gotta burn!

Okay, your turn.  Help!


One response

  1. I’ve never heard of this product, let alone even used it myself. But I well know that desperation point when you’re willing to do anything, including sticking a lighted match into your nasal cavity and inhaling. (Although I’ve heard that’s not recommended…) The ingredients to this stuff sounds incredible. I’m sure it’s gonna make your eyes water, but maybe it’ll be worth it. Besides, anything with caramel in it, even caramel color, has to be good. 🙂

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