Why Twitter and Facebook are bad for my blog.

It’s not the traffic they bring in. (It helps, believe me!)  It’s not the GREAT people I have had the joy of connecting with. (Only a few duds. TYVM!) It’s the subjects I get fixated on and then rant about.  Oy vey.  The rants.  The topics.  Waiting for some jack-leg to respond to me.  It turns my tummy into twistie ties.  Even worse, is letting people rant at me, then I rant back.  Then they disappear. 

Wish I was the type that could say “Oh well.” But I’m nooooooooooot!   I am more of a can we agree to disagree and maybe talk about brownies?  In fact, come over and let’s make em together!  Truly and honestly, once I digest your opinion (mostly without choking), I move on. 

See, I would rather have the PEOPLE in my life, not the opinions.  I have unfollowed people only when they constantly badger the President.  Its ugly.  Dislike his policies til the cows come home, but have some respect for the office.  I like to imagine the Prez in funny scenarios.  It makes him human to me.  See, now I am on a twitter rant.  Uggg.

The point of this post WAS & IS, I have plenty of things running around in my noggin that I want to barf onto the page.  Too many times a day, I am not writing and checking in with the two mental vacuums.  It sucks.  I need a 12 step program.  I am not trying to be funny.  It’s the truth.  I have great loves and passions that I am cheating on.  Facebook and Twitter, I can’t quit yeeeeeeeewwwww!


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