Add “Wood Stacker” to My Resume

The clean up effort continues.  Down the road a ways, the trailers that were destroyed have now been divided up in to piles of tornado waste.  Trees are stacked up, lining streets, like fortress walls.

Our property had three trees damaged in the storm.  One was a beautiful pecan tree that shaded most of the house.  It’s base was about six feet in diameter, the branches were massive.  There was a pin oak that stood behind the truck shed, keeping it cool.  Both of those trees uprooted completely.  The maple was somewhat protected by the truck shed and its branches were blown to bits.  It stood like a tool of torture, sharp spikes jutting from the top.  Branches thrown into the neighbor’s yard.

Chainsaws have been running around the clock since the storm.  Their whining has become a comforting sound.  Life is going on.  Getting back to normal.  For us, these trees take on a new “life” that will provide our family with warmth this winter.  I will miss their shade and beauty, but I am grateful for their service.  I have watched my husband run the chainsaw. (Not for me, too scary)  Limbs cracking and falling.  I have worn blisters into my own thumbs with a hand saw.  The kids and I, along with help from my mother in law, have pulled branch after branch to the side of the road.  To the point where our own limbs are lifeless.  And I have stacked wood.  Boy, I have stacked me some wood.

While my father in law and his brother Glenn, split wood, I stacked it on the back of a flatbed truck. (Am I country now?)  I got a bad sunburn.  They took it to the pasture and unloaded it.  Here is the result:

Wood Pile

That ain’t all of it either!  This tornado exercise plan is getting results…


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