And so passes a friendship…I hate it.

You and I met in high school.  We hung out in different circles that occasionally collided.  I had you in a class or two.  We laughed, we joked.  Your sense of humor was tops to me.  You could be hot headed and temperamental, sweet and kind all rolled into one.  After graduation, we grew closer as friends.  You hung out with me while I was ditched and pregnant.  You gave advice, a listening ear, whatever I needed.  Everyone thought we would end up together some day.  We were just two silly peas in a pod.  It never happened.  The timing was never right, and there was one thing that always stood between us.


Awhile back you asked me when I had become so churchy.  You know it was always there.  In our younger days, we debated it, got angry, moved on, yet remained friends.  As I grew deeper in my faith, you grew more convinced of your lack thereof.  I never judged you.  Never.  Even when you moved on and had a family of your own, it bothered me that I missed it all.  I missed getting to know the woman you chose to be your wife.  I never got to send birthday cards or go to a baby shower.  It’s not that I made a huge effort.  I was busy with a growing family of my own.  But you were always on my list of Constants.  My people that reminded me of home.  The ones I could laugh and joke with no matter how much time had passed.

I really do hate the part when friends decide that they are just too different.  I would have never made that decision.  Maybe someday you will tell me why you did.  I wish you only the best brightest future and as always, you have a friend.  Still.


4 responses

  1. Liz I’m sorry it has come to this with you two. You were always so close. As Staci said above I’m always here. Can’t wait to come and see you.

  2. Liz,
    This made me so sad, I could feel your pain as I was reading it. I love you…that’s all. Just know that I’ll always be your friend, no matter our differences.

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