Tornado Clean Up Continues

We are in our fourth week without hot water. I’ll let you take a moment to digest.  Yes FOUR WEEKS without hot water.  Don’t worry, we are quite clean, and it’s not from freezing showers. (Though, that is the route my husband has chosen.) Good thing we don’t have a gas stove.  Using the old electricity to heat up water in a giant pot takes me back to my camping days.  Oh it’s good times and revelry here on the Clements Farm.

I may or may not have mentioned that the beautiful pecan tree that was uprooted in the front yard took our gas line.  I had no idea it would take this long to deal with a tree.  I have learned…stumps are a BIG DEAL.  They take BIG equipment.  Since tornadoes cause a lot of tree issues, we were on a list for the TrackHoe guy.  (Trackhoe-basically a tank with a dinosaur mouth)  He showed up two nights ago, and 150 bucks later, we had two stumps at the side of the road.

Yesterday morning our friends contracted by FEMA came by and picked up all of our branches.  The stumps are still here. What the stump?  I hope they won’t sit here another 10 years.  We shall see.

Trackhoe Guy Mitch Gass

Stumps Away!

Branches...NOM NOM NOM!!

Sinister FEMA guys....(They were more scared of me)

We’re getting there folks.  God Bless and Good Day!


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