Is Our Drug Supply Safe?

I have been wrapping up my CE’s.  I only put them off until the last minute cause I meant to!  I thought I would share one of them.  It made me never want to take another pill for the rest of my life!

“I was working on the Munson case when she walked in.  Tall, blonde, lips like a cinnamon bagel.  Yeah, she was trouble and I was needin a little more trouble.

‘I have a case for you’ , she purred like a pink kitten.

‘Not takin any cases right now.’

‘You’ll take this one.  It has you written all over it.’

‘Look, Doll, I run a serious business here.  I ain’t got time to follow ’round the husband so you’se can take ‘im to the cleaners.”

She moved in closer, smelling of spring and satin sheets.

‘I’ll take the bait, Darling.  I’m not married.’

‘Then whattaya here for?  A pretty dame like you could have any poor schmuck falling all over himself to help you.’  I lit a cigarette and gestured for her to take one.

‘No thanks, I’d rather suck on a tail pipe’  She clicked her heels two short steps and pulled a folder from her coat. ‘Look at this.’

I opened the file, intrigued.  Drugs, money, overwhelmed FDA personnel, Chinese corruption.  I snapped it shut.

‘Miss, this ain’t a case, it’s a bomb, and it would destroy you and me both.  Now, be a good girl and take that thing outta here.’

‘Don’t patronize me.  I didn’t pick you out of the Yellow Pages.  I came here because I know who you are and what you are not.’

‘Oh yeah?  Who am I?’

‘You are Joe America, and you are not a coward.’

My palms began to sweat.  She floated around to my side of the desk.  Leaning in close, she stared into my soul, searching.  I broke her gaze.

‘Lady, I haven’t taken cases like these in years.  It’s too big, too much.  I only take the ones I can win.”

She pulled my face back towards hers.  Softly, she pressed her lips to mine.  When she drew away she smiled.

‘Who…are…you?’  I stammered.

‘The name’s Liberty Justice and all that  implies.’  She stood up and glided toward the door.  She turned, smiled, and walked outta my life.


Anyway, the paper I had to read was about how China makes most of the active ingredients in our medications.  The FDA has their hand’s tied and cannot inspect everything that comes in our ports.  Yeah, so, I don’t trust our drug supply at all.



He paces.  His eyes dart left and right.  One minute he sits, the next he is up.  Outside.  Inside.  Trembling.  Sweating.  Heart racing.  The beast rises up, tries to take control.  The only weapon is time.

The kids are playing.  We all move and flow in a twisted dance.  Stay out of the way.  Nervously watch the suffering.  He needs to eat something.  Get him something to eat.  What are we going to do?  Do we stay?  Do we go?  Is it over?  He wants help.  He doesn’t know what to do.

Let’s just go, let’s go where we are wanted.  Surrounded by family and friends.  All together.  Let’s go.  Maybe…just maybe….

Alcoholic Limbo

Boy, it’s tough to catch a drunk when he’s sober.  I want to at least have him clear as a bell when I tell him he has acted the fool long enough.  Silly me, I tried to tell him at 7 a.m. but he had already been drinking.  Why?  Cause he had a headache.  Hmmm…so much for Tylenol.  Not following the clear headed rule, I laid out my general disgust with him and told him I am going to have the hit the road.


Uh, do you care?


Hello?  Jon?  Are you in there?

There is no Jon, only Zuul.

I give up.  Who can communicate with someone who deliberately pickles their cerebrum on a daily basis?  Maybe I need to reach him on a more primordial level. Like, Hey, Monkey Butt, I go bye bye, you stay here get barfly and be happy happy, joy joy.  Then again, that just pisses me right off.  I have to leave my home, start over, run myself ragged, and be ashamed because someone can’t stop drinking?  I know alllllllllllll about addiction, but let me speak for those of us on the sidelines….”Boo Friggin Hoo!”  Your daddy did you wrong?  You have bills?  Oh my, might as well screw your whole life up then.  I mean who can deal with all that stray-uss?  Life is so stray-uss full.  Life is supposed CAHHHHMfortable.  Oh really, do you clean your crack pipe after each smoke?  Oh, you say I need to go to Al-Anon?  I say a big NO.  See, I’ve been there.  And what they’re sellin…I ain’t buying.

Nope.  Not gonna “carve out a life” for myself along side the alcoholic.  Not gonna ignore somebody who is drunk and then embrace them when they are sober.  Maybe, just maybe after 30 years, the drunk will see the warm fuzzies they get while sober will make them want to stop.  HAH!  The cold hard fact is, that until a person decides that are tire of being a selfish jerk, they are gonna keep on doing it.  Here’s a T-Shirt for ya: Alcohol, Making sure every asshole can stay that way.