Chickens, Kids, and Mermaids…Oh My!

Well, I had a blog post that was under construction.  I chucked it.  I’m gonna just put this in an update format and let everyone see and read little tastes of what has gone on around here. Right now, as I write this, one or both of my children are crying/whining.  It’s gone on all morning.  Over nothing.  Break time. Please?

An update on my hubby and his epic relapse:  So far, he is holding steady with the sobriety.  To say he is on thin ice is an understatement.  It is eyelash thin ice.  And, no, it is not Superman’s eyelash that could hold a semi truck suspended from it for a thousand years.  Just a regular old eyelash.

I just watched the final Shuttle launch of Atlantis.  Can I say how bad that stinks?  It does.  As a sci-fi nerd extraordinaire, I say it’s a crying shame.  Private industry taking over space flight?  That won’t lead us to STARFLEET!

Next, I’ve got an update on the baby chicks.  So far, everyone is healthy and fabulous.  No more losses.  We had one little gal/guy start to get wonky, so I expected the worse, but he/she pulled through.  The chicks are now separated into groups of five.  They are  spunky groups.  Perching is their new “big deal”.  It’s darling, even when they try to fly into my face and perch on my nose. <<actual event.  Only two have the visible presence of combs.  Yep, my only two Buff’s.  One has a slightly more prominent comb than the other, but that could be my own wacky observation skills.  (I tend to stare until I see what I want to see.)


They are still virtual fuzz balls in these pictures.  Now they are almost fully feathered.  Two of them are a beautiful dove gray with glowing white tipped feathers.  Why yes, I AM a proud momma!

A stuffwehavebeendoing update:  We spent 4th of July weekend with family.  The Saturday before was spent with my husbands cousin Jesse and his family.  We had a great time.  Gideon and Levi took part in a little fireworks fun.  We had good food, good fellowship and went home and had a good nights sleep.

On the day of the 4th, Jon’s mom and her husband Dennis came to our house.  The heat was overwhelming.  I so wish we had central air.  I just did not have the heart to fire up the stove, and Jon did NOT want to stand over a hot grill.  After a vote, we decided on sub sandwiches with all the trimmings.  Perfect.  After lunch, a storm started to roll in and things cooled down.  We took advantage of the brief break before the rain and played a game of Ladder Ball.  I highly recommend it.  The guys tried it out at Jesse’s and we picked up a set for ourselves after church on Sunday.

In the middle of all the July 4th broo ha ha, I began to work on a crochet project for the boys.  I found a pattern for a Hobbes tiger, from Calvin and Hobbes.  I had several parts done, but I put it aside, because my niece Jayla begged me to make something for her.  I remembered the mermaid I had downloaded from and decided it looked like a quick project.  WRONG.  The hair was a challenge, and frankly there were not enough pictures that explained the process.  After one extreme hair fail, I started over, and just made up my own hair-do.  She’s a little Joan Jett.  I dig it.  Another tough part was the itty bitty shell bra.  Yeah.  I super sized my shells.  Who cares?

She is ROCKIN those sea foam hi-lites.  Don’t hate.


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