Leave it to me to find another craft that I can obsess about until I conquer it.  Yesterday, I saw a blog post about knooking. (I LOVE Planet June!!!  Check out the amigurumi Columbo she made! DIE!)  So of course, I had to research it, watch every YouTube video, and then run out and buy a beginner set of knooking hooks.  I picked out a pattern, went to work, and now I have the headache to show for it.  So knooking, okay, here is what it’s all about.  Instead of knitting with needles, you basically “knit” with a modified crochet hook that has some cable sticking out of the end of it.  The cable acts as the second needle.  Other sites say that it is faster than two needle knitting but slower than crochet.  I may need awhile longer to believe that claim.

Knooking is fun, new, and definitely produces knit and purl stitches  like the real deal.  I did find some of it to be quite frustrating.  But that could be because it is still REALLY new to me.  Like, when the stitches are on the cable and I try to put the hook under them and they pull tighter.  Otherwise, it’s all good.  My stitches are pretty darn loose, and it really did seem to take FOR-EV-ER to get like, 9 rows done.

I found the kit at WAL-fart.



The top swatch I knitted in about 30 minutes.  YEAH I KNOW I DROPPED A STITCH!

The bottom was done between yesterday evening and this morning.  Same amount of stitches, almost the same amount of rows. (smallish needles)  Yawn.  Headache.  So yeah, give knooking a try.  I look forward to getting more proficient at it.  JUST SO I CAN SAY I KNOW HOW.


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