River Bound

On Sunday, the fam headed up to Little River Canyon National Preserve.  We packed a lunch and hoped to put our feet in the water for awhile.  The photo below is from the trail headed to the falls.  It also serves as a great illustration.  See, you can snap what you think is just a lovely photo…and get, well…a surprise!

Check out what Jon discovered while trying to zoom in on a certain area of the photo.


Yup, this classy dude was in that picture.  Talk about your Where’s Waldo!  Luckily when fully zoomed out, you can’t see him.  Nice undies.

We pointlessly told the children several times that we were NOT going to be swimming. It was a stickyourfeetinthecoolwater day.  Definitely NO swimming.

I GUESS we can go ahead and take off their shirts.  (You know, so they don’t get all wet from dipping our feet in.)

See?  Do what mom does.

And Dad.

What the???  Hey now!


Well, at least I stuck to the rules.


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