Straight Talk Scoop-Text, Surf AND Save Big Money

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Straight Talk for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

When my husband and I began this crazy journey back to to his homeland we faced tough decisions.  We were not only coming to the end of the road on our move, but our two cell phone contracts were coming to an end as well.  The move was a huge financial strain, and the worry of what we were going to do about phone service was just another headache needing to be addressed.

Luckily we discovered Straight Talk.  Their plans took away all of the guess work.  I was blown away by the features that were included.  For less that 50 dollars a month, I could text, talk and surf as much as my heart desired.  Heaven!  And with no contracts, crazy fees, or credit checks, I could not help but spread the word to family and friends.  Why pay a bazillion dollars for cell phone service?  Straight Talk just makes sense. 

In this topsy turvy economic climate Straight Talk allows my family to keep connected without breaking the piggy bank.  For $499 a year I get pretty much all of the features and perks of phone plans that cost more in the first 3 months!  The phones don’t suck either.  I was able to choose from brands like LG, Samsung, Nokia, Kyocera, and Motorola.  We went with the Samsung R355C.  I am super pleased with it.

Because there are no contracts, we were able to “play” around with our service plan.  When we first arrived in Alabama we did not have internet access.  So the 45 dollar a month unlimited plan was perfect for us.  I was able to get my Facebook fix. (VERY IMPORTANT)  Once we had our home network set up, we were able to use the “All You Need Plan”.  Like the name says, it was PLENTY for us. We never used the 1000 minutes, the 1000 texts or the 30MB of internet, but we have the peace of mind in knowing the option to bump back up is always there.  And, if I feel the urge to dial 411- I CAN-it’s included!

Straight Talk also has low rates for international callers as well.  So I can call the Bahamas if I really need to!  (The Bahamas has been calling me, so why not?)

If the Teenager begs and begs for a phone, Straight Talk offers reconditioned phones for 10 bucks.  That’s about all I want to pay for a kids phone.  (Still not happening though.)

I mean, just check out these phones.  I get a great phone, no contract and extra money for yarn and chicken feed?  Yep. 

Here’s video links about Straight Talk  of some very brief customer testimonials:

hook, line and sinker

call a friend

everything you need

So from my family to yours.GET STRAIGHT TALK.  Save money, buy yarn.

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