Knit Headband and Sagging Jowls

I completed my first knit head band.  I am super pleased with the result.  On a lighter note my jowls are hanging now like an aging sow.  I noticed it in my pictures.  Not fishing for compliments, just facing reality head on.  Oldness.  Sigh.

The pattern can be found here.  The yarn is LBY Baby’s First in Pixie Dust.  I used this yarn to crochet a really chunky, squishy cardigan for my niece about a year ago.  This pattern only used about a quarter of a ball.  I will have to knit off a bunch for people who like headbands.  I like a good headband just as much as anyone the next gal, but I am kind of tired of the same boring blah blahs.  I chose this pattern because of the width and texture.  I think it would look famous in fall colors.

See the jowls?

side view-blurry

I like it!


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  1. First of all Elizabeth, all this time following you on twitter (@CraigBelieves) – and not one time have I commented on your blog. I’ve realized that that was really rude – so first, a sorry – I’m sorry I haven’t commented sooner – please forgive me. Second, are the jowls that cute little double row – are they the kind of oval – circle-ish kind of weave in the pattern. By the way, I’m putting my man card on the line by even commenting on this post 🙂 Your knitting (or crocheting?) thing looks awesome – full of awesome. And the whole thing made me smile – thank you for that. God bless and keep you and each and every one of yours.

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