When,exactly, is a woman’s “day of rest”?

Everyone knows that God created the heavens and the earth in six days, then He rested on the seventh.  If one digs a little deeper into scripture one can see that the theme of work for six rest on seven applies to other stuff as well.  Like farming.  God said sow a field for six years, then let it lie fallow for the seventh year.   When this was done the field would not only continue to produce, it produced BETTER than it did before.   Following that logic, we humans are supposed to completely and totally rest one day a week, making us MORE productive the next week.  I can agree with that.  For sure!

So here’s the  question I posed to my husband Sunday morning:  When oh when, is a woman’s day of rest?  ESPECIALLY a Christian woman?  I ask because if you are a  Christian wife and you want to be that wife of Proverbs,  (Last chapter, go read it.  It’s a BUSY life.), it seems that a day of rest and restoration is not in the cards for mom.  The “problem” with being married to a believer is that many believe the wife is there to run the home and wait on them.  (DISCLAIMER: This does not apply to ALL Christian husbands.)  The day of rest is a big deal to the husband.  He worked all week, so it’s understandable. However, it seems the wife is supposed to run around, catch up on the laundry, scrub the kids, keep them quiet for dads day of rest, do the grocery shopping, pull her hair out and chew Xanax like TicTacs.  To make it worse, some believing husbands act like it’s supposed to be that way.

After weeks, and months and years of living that frazzled existence, how can a woman not go crazy?  How can women NOT be on antidepressants, anti-anxiety meds, or have a chiropractor on speed dial?  The life of a wife and mother is cray-zay!  I remember being pregnant and having a toddler to chase, still needing  to work, make dinner, keep up with the laundry and being tired.  So tired that I would finally just set my little one in the crib, and let him cry, while I passed out.  Believe me, it was better than the alternative, like finding myself ASLEEP standing up and not KNOWING where the baby had been for those fifteen minutes!  (He was fine.)  Lesson learned, speak up, ask for help and get rest, or your body will eventually just shut down to get what it needs.  The point is, with real rest, I never would have gotten that bad.  I would have appreciated my help mate looking out for me. (He knows that now.)

If you are a Christian husband reading this I implore you to remember your wife.  She NEEDS a day of rest.  MAKE SURE she gets it.  I am like a doctor writing a prescription for your ailing wife.  Make it happen.  Otherwise, she may snap and do something awful.  It may be tragic, or it may be running off with an 18 year old.  Either way it’s totally preventable.  ANDFORTHELOVEOFITALL:  DON’T tell her she needs to go to the doctor and get on meds.  She IS tired.  Help her rest.  Give her a day off.  It is quite literally a GOD given command.

I also want to tell you, in my experience, many secular marriages are putting our Christian marriages to shame.  They help each other.  They nurture one another.  They realize that they have to work to keep their spouse from leaving and finding “happiness” somewhere else.  Secular husbands are not helpful because of a commitment to God, they are helpful because of a commitment to their relationship.  A woman’s commitment to God should not be a doormat for a believing husbands boots.  Give her the gift of a break.  Weekly.  That will rejuvenate her, and your home will be a place of warmth and peace as opposed to stress.



Uh Oh. Confession time.

For many moons I have wondered what a certain feeling is.  How can I describe it…hmmm….it’s like a stomach churny thing, with mild belching.  It usually happens when someone I am friends with has good news, has crocheted something,  wins the lotto, gets a free home remodel, groceries for 10 dollars.  They share, I gush.  Then, I go home and think about it.  First excited and then kinda antsy.  I would scratch my head and think. “What is that?”  After a few Facebook posts from the blessed person, I go from fizzy to flameballs.   Something that makes me so happy over the moon for someone else, slowly starts to make me feel kinda…jealous.  OMGosh.  I am jealous!

I AM A JEALOUS PERSON!  OKAY?  Sweet relief, I said it.  It’s bad!  Do I dare speak how bad it is?  Why not.  I thought it was being slightly competitive.  Then I thought, maybe, I just really like all the stuff the other person is doing. Uh-no.  It’s because I am ugly inside and jealous of everything!  I want to be a super couponer!  I want to have seven kids.  I want to homeschool!  I want to crochet and craft all day!  I want to have an awesome website with grain free recipes, because I am grain free.  I want to invent a device that cancels out all other devices while baking a 10 tiered chocolate cake.

And, and, and you know what???  I am the worst KIND of jealous person.  I blog about how unnecessary it is to be SUPERMOM, all while crocheting my cape!  I am a self enabler!  “It’s okay, we all struggle with jealousy.”  Well, I am exposing it.  I need help, prayer, songs, and poems.   If you know me, I have been jealous of you at one time or another.  Yeah I admit it.

Don’t hate.  It’s not like I am sitting around thinking of ways to destroy people.  It’s not a “death list” kind of jealous.  It’s more like a “boo hoo- I’ll NEVER be as good as so and so!!!”  (stomps feet).  I am a brat.  I can admit that too.

Now that its out there, I want to defeat it.  It’s kept me from FULLY being an AMAZING friend.


Leave it to me to find another craft that I can obsess about until I conquer it.  Yesterday, I saw a blog post about knooking. (I LOVE Planet June!!!  Check out the amigurumi Columbo she made! DIE!)  So of course, I had to research it, watch every YouTube video, and then run out and buy a beginner set of knooking hooks.  I picked out a pattern, went to work, and now I have the headache to show for it.  So knooking, okay, here is what it’s all about.  Instead of knitting with needles, you basically “knit” with a modified crochet hook that has some cable sticking out of the end of it.  The cable acts as the second needle.  Other sites say that it is faster than two needle knitting but slower than crochet.  I may need awhile longer to believe that claim.

Knooking is fun, new, and definitely produces knit and purl stitches  like the real deal.  I did find some of it to be quite frustrating.  But that could be because it is still REALLY new to me.  Like, when the stitches are on the cable and I try to put the hook under them and they pull tighter.  Otherwise, it’s all good.  My stitches are pretty darn loose, and it really did seem to take FOR-EV-ER to get like, 9 rows done.

I found the kit at WAL-fart.



The top swatch I knitted in about 30 minutes.  YEAH I KNOW I DROPPED A STITCH!

The bottom was done between yesterday evening and this morning.  Same amount of stitches, almost the same amount of rows. (smallish needles)  Yawn.  Headache.  So yeah, give knooking a try.  I look forward to getting more proficient at it.  JUST SO I CAN SAY I KNOW HOW.