Goodbye Twitter

Step one of Operation Social Media Purge has officially began.  I have deactivated my Twitter account.  I have 30 days to reconsider.  I hope I will remain strong.

Why the sudden hate of social media?  Reason number one is the ugliness of people.  The comments people make about each other.  The fact that it just hangs out there in cyberspace and it somehow makes it allllll okay.  No, it’s not okay to tear people apart.  It’s NOT okay to trash people.  I am JUST as guilty as everyone else.  So don’t think I am in the clouds on this one.  Nope, I’m in the trenches and it’s bloody!

I only had a handful of people who I actually connected with.  There is one person in particular I will miss.  Her tweets were about baby stuff, her pregnancy and how it was progressing.  (I am obsessed with pregnancy and babies.  From gossip magazines with pregnant stars to baby shows, I  follow it all.  I have too!  I just have to see those tiny feet and hands!) But I can always read her blog for that.  I don’t need to lurk on Twitter.

Something happened that soured me to Twitter.  I won’t go into it, but it totally tanked my hope in mankind.  Social media can be used for great things, but it can be used for very hurtful things as well.  I don’t really need the option of venting my personal frustrations with others online.  I’ve done it.  It’s the new redneck.  By just dumping it out there for all to see, especially to those who don’t KNOW me, I am never going to get an objective opinion on what I have done.  I’ll just listen to the ones that build me up and set me further on my course.  That could be good, but it could be very, very bad.

The people I need to hear from are a phone call away.  Their voice can tell me what I need to know.  They won’t sugarcoat.  They won’t tear me down.  They won’t play the supportive role, then run off and tell everyone what an idiot I am.  They tell me, with love, to my face that I am stumbling and they are there to hold me up if I need it. Likewise, they will tell me if I am beating myself up a little too much.  It’s a beautiful thing.

Hopefully, by shutting the door on Twitter (and maybe Facebook.  Heck I may shut down the blog as well.  Blogs have pretty much jumped the shark anyway) I am saying to the Universe that I am ready for more organic, fulfilling friendships.   Talk to me people.


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  1. do not be overcome with evil, but overcome evil with good. liz, you are a rare soul. oour honesty and outlook on life is refreshing. i don’t do twitter, so i can’t really respond to how all of that works, but sometimes people DO need a break from some of these distractions. people have “fasted” from facebook & social media for a time. “ignore” or “defriend” the dead weights. i’m all about that. and if you feel that God is wanting you to do away with it all, i completely support that. you’re just a breath of fresh air, and i wanted you to know it. 🙂

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