“Do you know your name?”

I kinda feel like the last couple of days have been my Jerry Maguire moment.  You know, the barely likeable protaganist in the movie of the same name?  (I looked up the spelling of the last name.  I have checked it so many times now that the word looks weird.  I hate it when that happens.)  I am referring to the scene where he is in the hotel room and has an epiphany about the business he is in.  So, with the best of intentions and raw, unbridled passion, he writes his mission statement.  He heads to a copy shop and has it printed up beautifully and sends it to his agency to be distributed to everyone in the building.  After initial applause and thumbs up, he is fired. He then proceeds to lose everything.

Unlike Jerry, I don’t have a whole lot to lose.  Except myself.

So now what?  Well, I have things I can write about that are passions of mine.  I can give my opinion on them.  When they run out, I’m done.  It will be like the Encyclopedia of Liz.  The Lizipedia.  I do change my mind a lot.  I don’t waffle, but if new facts come to light, I am open to them, and can modify my view.  I’m a person, not an obelisk!

With that, I set a new course.  I am the Unblogger, the NoBlogger, the Anti-Blogger.  I feel like I should have a ring of power, or a staff of sanity, something to channel this new superpower.   Before I leave this earth, you. will. know. me.  Love it or leave it.


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