Felted Knit Rug

I finally finished my rug.  I felted it and everything.  Whew!  Let me show you where I put it.

Remember this nasty ole room?

…I need help!!! My horse for an interior decorator!” src=”https://pharmgirlfollies.files.wordpress.com/2011/02/getaway004.jpg?w=680″ alt=”” width=”680″ height=”1024″ />


Let’s just say it looks a whole lot better.

Here’s a purdy close up of aforementioned rug.

I used Stitch Nation Yarn.  I LOVE IT!

I also sewed up a curtain to hide the wretched closet.


And just looked at the Mod Podge light switch!



Well I am still trying to think of my second serious subject for the Lizipedia.  Until then, much love!


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