Here I go again…

Well, I made a new page on Facebook where all ten of my readers can like me.  I am going to post crafty related stuff there.  Mostly, I will just check it obsessively.  The main focus will be yarn, but feel free to use it to ask questions like “Why are you so nuts?”  I will answer honestly unless my answer will embarrass family members.

Also on the agenda….a new Twitter profile.  I know.  I know.  I am a waffler.  I suck.  But hear me out…this one is going to have nothing to do with gaining followers or creeping on friends.  Nope.  It’s gonna be all yarn and crafts related.  Not little news bits about yarn either.  I am going to move the blog toward more projects and one day, hopefully, my own patterns.

I will still inject my take on spiritual things, farm things, addiction things, but just not as much. Unless I change my mind again.  Hey, it’s my blog.  I can run it right into the ground if I want to.

I love yarn.  I have fun thinking about yarn.  So that’s where I’m headed.  So. Yeah.  Good vibes.


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