The Dekalb County Fair!


Here is a photo phlux of our recent trip to the fair.  It’s a lot of pictures so….sorry. :p






One of my favorite parts of the fair!


Get a load of that truck!  That is amazing.  Such talent.


Here are my people, knitters and crocheter-ers!


If I could make something even close to that cardigan I would jump straight to heaven.


The guys were so excited to get to the Midway they done blurred up my picture!



What a gorgeous fall evening.  Gorgeous southern folks.  Perfect night for a fair!



First the Ferris Wheel…


Then the Merry Go Round…


…and Dizzy Dragons?  Barf!


While they continued on the rides, I went to the petting zoo.  I saw some kids.


Met a real jack ass.


Purred over perfect little piglets.


When the rides were done rode we finished up by looking at the new trucks on display.  We showed Gideon his “initials”.  He didn’t get it.


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