Family Outing: Rainsville Pumpkin Patch

This past Tuesday, (Oh my is it SATURDAY already???), we went with Jacob’s homeschool group to the Rainsville Pumpkin Patch.  The Patch is located right down the road, so we didn’t have to spend a lot of money on gas, or long hours in the car with whiny kids.  I was mistaken in thinking that there was going to be some punkin’ pickin and then we would go home so I could nap.  No way.  So busy!  There was an itinerary for Pete’s sake.

There were hay mazes, corn mazes, corn pits, a petting zoo, a faux milking cow, and so. much. more.  It was adorable.  My only recommendations for those headed out to the Rainsville Pumpkin Patch:  Bring a big ol fat wallet.  You will be broke by noon.  Our cost was 6 dollars a person and that was with a discounted rate for a large group.  This ain’t a theme park, so 24 bucks in this economy seemed like a huge amount for all of us to pick a pumpkin.  Then I was gasping at the cost of the food.  4.50 for two chicken strips and some fries for four people adds up.  Half of our group left and went to Burger King for  lunch.  I counted out the money we had in my head about 65 times and told the kids we were just going to get some fries and a drink to share.  Bad mom, I know, but what could I do?  I thought eleven dollars was plenty for food.  (Do they fry those chicken strips in liquid gold?)  Much to my dismay, the food was freezer aisle fair.  (Shoulda went to Burger King, I guess.)

By the time we were due for our hay ride to the pumpkins, the kids were pale and silent.  They enjoyed the hay ride, but didn’t really try to jump off the tractor like they normally would.  We were all dog tired.  They took us to the mini pumpkin section of the field and we each picked a ghoulish gourd.  THEN they drove us back to some tables where we could paint the pumpkins.  I painted my plaid, the kids painted theirs “blob” and we left.  Quietly.

Shortly after this picture was taken, Gideon pushed Levi off the side and his face went into one of the boards.  There were lots of tears. 😦

Yeah, it did leave a mark.


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