This is My Mind on Music

I have decided to take a break from my trilogy – Foolish Things We Tell Our Kids. I don’t feel like being so heavy today.  Instead I am going with one of the writing prompts at NaBloPoMo.  Basically, they asked if I can blog and listen to music.  Oh and they want to know what song I have listened to today.  Color me boring, but I haven’t listened to any music yet today.  I still have Honey Comb in my teeth and sleep in my eyes.

I love music.  Music sets the tone for a lot of things in my life.  Right now, I am a little in love with Adele.  Her voice kills me.  But if I were to blog with Adele in the background, the tone would be melancholy and about troubling things in my past.  I guess I could  blog to music.  I never think of it.  Really.  Hmmm.  My blog posts just kinda hit me out of the blue.  That’s why I go back and edit a lot.  I pour passion onto screen, then I read it later and wonder what the heck  I was thinking.  Some of my posts come off as soooo negative.  It’s not how I want my precious babies to be.  I want them to be light and funny.  Alas, I am a bit dry, and dark with my humor.

Now, if I were  writing a novel, music would be crucial.  I often have the “soundtrack” of a novel laid out before I ever think of typing a word.  I have had two novellas floating around in my airy head.  One of them is set entirely to the music played in the Safeway where I worked.  Most of the scenes take place in a pharmacy, so I wanted to capture the music authentically.  The last few weeks I was working I kept a paper in my smock and jotted down songs that were perfect for the book.  Too bad I lost all of those papers.  I need  my pharmacy peeps to write them down again.

So, no, I can’t blog and listen to music.  Like sitting down at the piano and playing a piece of music when emotional, it works in the reverse for me.  The music will run down to my finger tips and gently shade my intent.  I need my intent to remain raw.  Focused.  Only slightly negative.


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