What’s Happening. Rightnow.Now.Rightnow.

I just let Jon in. He was locked out.  I lock the door that goes out to the service porch.  No strangers are gettin in to take MY kids!  I am kind of OCD about it.  I obsessively check their windows and the nearest exits.

Glad he didn’t pound on the door.  That is so nerve wracking!  He gently knocked in a crescendo ending in a forte of solid knocks.

The kids are covered in jelly.  I made peanut butter and jelly muffins.  (A little too much baking soda if you ask me.)  They are begging for more.  Okay.

Jacob is grumpy and in the shower.  He has to make a sack lunch for his spelunking trip today.  So grouchy!

I am drinking decaf, blogging, and trying to block out Sponge Bob.

Now I am signing off to reload the kids with muffins and get ready for church.

Maybe I will have something more interesting to say later.

Happy Sunday!



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