My Secret Passion

A NaBloPoMo post.

I am going to jump right into today’s writing prompt.  I am going to reveal my secret passion.

I am all about living off grid.  I read blogs about it, study it, watch survival shows, and dream of being totally self sufficient.  If I had the money I would put in a secret underground bunker that was the size of a home.  Not to plot or plan anything bizarre, but just to have somewhere to go in an emergency. Or to live in.  Don’t judge.

I want to be an expert at hunting, fishing, water purification, and dehydrating food.  I want to have an encyclopedia of knowledge that allows me to make a shelter, read the weather, and build a fire with flint rocks.  I want to tan leather, and track bison.  I want to see the hoof prints of an animal and know if it had a rider that weighed 180 pounds.  I want to pick up dirt, smell it and say “They came from the north, 6 riders, with 12 cans of biscuits.”  You know, crazy stuff.

Unfortunately it would have to be a mix of roughing it and luxury. I would have to have a generator that powered my laptop.  That leaves me conflicted because a super secret survival den can’t have a generator fired up all night.

This fascination comes from reading books like Dune, The Road, To Build a Fire, etc.  From wanting to have a plan if the poop hits the fan.  If Reavers are flying in with their smoke engulfed ships, I wanna be ready.  Or if the virus infected Darkseekers are tearing apart my house, we will be underground.  Safe.

So there, that’s my secret passion.  Analyze it.  Dream it.  Be it.


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