Well Owl Be Darned.

THIS is a cold blooded killer!

You know, it was cute two years ago.  Squat little owls began to make their way back into the craft spotlight.  Now it’s just ridiculous.  What’s with all the owls?  Owl fabric, owl pillows, owl toilet paper.

Owls are not cute, they are cunning.  They will kill your puppy while it makes a pee pee tinkle in the night.  What. The. Heck.  No one makes cute cuddly crochet bald eagles, or falcons.  There are no Buzzard cookie jars.  Owls are not precious.  Don’t put them over your babies at night.

Owls are feathers and hate.

Beware.  They cough up hair balls with the bones of helpless kittens.

Owls.  Fear them.

No cuddles.


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