Pinterest has gone to the crazies.

English: Red Pinterest logo

Mind Sucking Death Ray

I was introduced to Pinterest about a year ago.  Maybe six months.  Who knows.  Immediately, I was pinning and salivating all over my dress shirt.  All those ideas, all those crafts, all those recipes…in one place!  Happily catalogued with love and care, a wealth of wonder was now at my fingertips.  Mug brownies?  Oh yes, thousands of recipes for those.  In the market for a new light fixture?  Just search the thousands of beautiful pictures pinned by pinners who pinned before me.  It was an experience most zen…until…the crazies took over.

I began to notice that the pinners I follow started putting up goofy sayings.  (Isn’t that what Facebook is for?)  I’m not against motivational snippets, I have a board that contains several.  Something has gone awry.  EVERYONE is pinning all this stupid stuff.  “You will succeed because most people are lazy”, read one this morning.  Oh yeah?  Well I’M the one on the flippin’ computer wasting my day, and YOU were on here pinning that fluffy stuff.  Are you telling me that you read your PINS when you are on the treadmill?  Or am I supposed to feel guilty because you live your life by such an epic credo? “You’ll Never Leave Where You Are Until You Decide Where You’d Rather Be.”  Blow. Me. Down.( Not to mention that half of the stuff quoted and re-quoted is FALSE.)

Next, the desserts.  How many mug brownie recipes do we need?  Colorful love cookies?  600 never before seen frosting recipes.   2 bajillion epic cupcakes.  I have tried a few of the never before seen fantastic recipes.  They are usually terrible.  (Don’t even get me started on the cleaning tips.)  Anyway, I am fat.  I don’t need to see any more homemade snickers bars, rainbow cakes, or new and improved rice krispie treats.

Finally, the crafts.  Holy Headache Batman.  Plastic spoon roses.  OWLS.  Chalkboard paint on the toilet seat.  Knit leg warmers for side tables. Paint chip necklaces.  Crayon art.  Yes, it was ALL so neat-o the first 300 times I saw it.  Now, it’s just annoying.

Pinterest.  Ruined.  Thanks.

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  2. I tend to use Pinterest for saving what I want to save and don’t really pay much attention to who follows me for it… but I do have to say, I’m getting a little annoyed with my friends who keep pinning all the someecards and demotivational posters… I mean sure, I get they’re cute and their funny… but bleh. I want to see pretty things on Pinterest!

  3. I have the same reaction to a few other sites, purportedly more serious, such as Foodbuzz. Too many desserts! It is the equivalent of somebody saying on Facebook, “I am looking forward to having a drink!” on Friday afternoon, and everybody going “like”, “like”, “like”, “like”, “like”. What happened to taking culinary chances?

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