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Under the About Me in the sidebar over there, you will see that I have added a donation page.  What’s this?  Well, our church is kicking off it’s Global Focus missionary conference this week.  As I pray for God’s will  and guidance I ask that you too would pray about donating to this cause as well, but in a round about way.  See, I would like to help out in the near future.  Helping out may lead me to another country.  God only knows.  Really.  I took 5 years of Spanish, but I am VERY rusty.  I want to brush up and be able to tell people about God’s love in THEIR language.  One of our missions is in the Dominican Republic, I found out about another church mission in Honduras.  As you know, Rosetta Stone is an excellent program but it is very expensive.  I WANT to do this.  I want people to be able to understand me face to face.  I want to give to tell them I love them in their tongue.  It’s a big deal to me.  I am going to trust God with this.  He will stir hearts and make it happen.  This isn’t the selfish want like the real blogger camera or an iPhone.  I want to touch lives.  Anything extra I receive above and beyond will go to Global Focus.  Right now work is going on in Indonesia that is truly mind blowing.  The Gospel is being shared.  Let’s be a part of this together! Time to get those passports and hang on tight!



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