+Daniel The Donkey

Daniel the donkey lived on the farm with Mr. and Mrs. Happy.

Mr. and Mrs. Happy grew strawberries.

They just LOVED strawberries.

Mrs. Happy made jams, jellies, and strawberry pizza.

Every Friday night was strawberry pizza night.

Mr. Happy would bring a slice to Daniel and the two of them would look at the stars.

One clear Friday night, Mr. Happy pointed, most happily, to the glittering sky.

“Look Daniel!  A shooting star!”  Mr. Happy exclaimed with glee.

Daniel looked up from his crumbly, tart dessert.  He looked over at Mr. Happy with a confused eye.

Mr. Happy chuckled.

“Why Daniel, you make a WISH on a shooting star.  Pure and simple!  Go ahead, my boy, think really hard and WISH!”

Daniel wished with all of his might for the one thing he dreamed of as long as he could remember.  He squinched his eyes.  He wrinkled his nose.  He held his breath!  He wished and  wished to be… a UNICORN!

Nothing happened.

Mr. Happy stroked Daniel behind the ears and leaned in closely to whisper, “I wished for more strawberry pizza.”

Mr. Happy patted Daniel and went inside.

Daniel turned back to his piece of strawberry goodness.  He caught a glimpse of Mr. Happy in the kitchen window, eating another slice of strawberry pizza over the sink.

Hmph, Daniel snorted.

Daniel went into his shed and lay down in his soft straw bed.

As he drifted to sleep he dreamed of being a unicorn.

A beautiful grey unicorn running through a field of strawberries.

It was a good dream.

Daniel smiled and snored softly.

The next morning Daniel opened his eyes and stood up tall.

He trotted out to his water pot.

Suddenly, from the kitchen he heard a terrible scream and the sound of a jar breaking into a million pieces!

“MR. HAPPY!!!!  Come quick!”  Mrs. Happy shouted.

Mr.  Happy rushed down the stairs, his feet slipping out from under him.
“What is the meaning of this?!”  He said, most unhappy.

His eyes followed Mrs. Happy’s pointed finger outside the window until they came straight to Daniel.

Oh how wide they opened when they looked at the humble beast.

Daniel wondered about all of the fuss.

He shook his mane and bent his head down to take a long drink.

Something stopped his mouth from reaching the water.

He pulled back his head and saw his reflection.  Daniel jumped and ran three circles around the yard!

Slowly, he plodded back to the water and looked again.

There, looking back at him, was the most beautiful grey unicorn that the world had ever seen!

Daniel whinnied and pranced.

He lept for joy.

Mr. and Mrs. Happy came outside and stared in disbelief.

Daniel ran toward the fence, jumping over it ever so gracefully.

He ran through the fields of strawberries, the wind in his eyes, the earth under his hooves.

He ran all week through forests and streams, meadows and gulleys.

Until the next Friday.

It was strawberry pizza night, after all.

Okay, I need an illustrator and a publisher.  Thanks.


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