Good vs. Eebol

The littlest Clements is my three year old son Levi.  Wee-bye Jon Cwements if you ask him.  For several weeks I have noticed that if there is anything in the house that has an exact duplicate (2 gallons of milk, a pair of boots, two plates of food) Levi will declare one good and one evil.

He asked for milk one morning and pointed to the gallon jug he wanted.  I told him he had to have milk out of the jug that was already open.  He shook his head and said, “No, that milk is eebol.  THAT milk is good.”


Another time he brought me his boots.  We had been working with him.  Putting shoes on the wrong way or the right way.  Recognizing right foot and left foot.  So he said, “Mommy, this is the right boot?”  I looked.  “Yes!  That is the right boot.  Good job!”  He held up the other boot.  “This is the eebol boot.”

After pouring two glasses of apple juice for Gideon and Levi, a scuffle broke out.  Levi called Gideon’s juice eebol.  This made Gideon squeal and cry.  “Mom, Levi said my juice is evil!!!!  Tell him it’s not evil!”   “Levi, Gideon’s juice is not evil.”  “EEBOL!!!”  “Mom, tell him LOUDER!”  “Levi, knock it off.”   Whispers “eebol”.

Today, I baked chocolate chip cookies.  Levi wandered into the kitchen,  “What you are making, Mommy?”  “Cookies.”  “You are making eebol cookies.”


I mentioned this to Jon a while back.  He became very concerned.  “Where would he learn that????”  Oh I don’t know….the television???  I think it’s pretty darn cute.





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