Frugal Garden Fail

Remember my genius post about starting seeds in sandwich bags?  Oh, fail.  Epic fail.  Supernova fail.

The starts turned out great.  I was so happy that my tomato seeds grew into tomato plants.  I have never grown tomatoes from seed with much success.  (No success.)  I rounded up the kids for a morning of planting in the garden.  You know, SOME GOOD OLD FASHIONED FAMILY FUN, yuck yuck?  The holes were dug, the plants placed.  Then came the task of getting them out of the plastic bags.  There was no saving the bags.  They had to be ripped off, and then the dirt didn’t hold together.  Plants broke and roots were ravaged.  For every plant that made it into the ground, five were ruined.

This gardening thing…DIE!  The plastic bag start thing…BURN.  Not recommended.  Ever.

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  1. I am so glad to see you’re writing! I found this quite by accident and what a pleasant surprise. I loved the story about the the tonsil rocks, I still remember when you plucked one out at work!…

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