My Yarny Winnings from Brown Sheep Company!

On April 6th I checked my Twitter feed to see what was the haps.  As I scrolled THIS got my attention:

Elizabeth Clements! Calling Elizabeth Clements! Message me, please, Elizabeth Clements! You are our winner of our random drawing that includes all of our first 2,000 “Likes!”

I clicked the link that took me to the Facebook page of Brown Sheep Company.  I asked them if it was really me they were trying to reach.  ( I haven’t won anything since the 7th grade.  A phone.  It was UGLY.)  There ARE a few Elizabeth Clements out there, you know.   Guess what!  It WAS me!  Not only did I win, I won YARN.  Glorious, wonderful yarn.

After emailing back and forth with the lovely Melissa from Brown Sheep, I was all set.  All I had to do was wait.  Patiently.  For yarn.   Patiently waiting.  Pay-shen-tleeeeee.

Finally, it arrived on Friday.  I took it out and spread it before me.  The color is rich, and the yarn is so soft.  I received a pattern for a knit jacket called Two for Tea.  I feel so very, very blessed.  The economy has steamrolled my yarn budget.  I have been living on Red Heart Super Saver yarn.  It is nice to receive some yarn that won’t turn to lava in a fire.  This yarn is definitely a blessing from above.

Here is a looksy:




Pretty, right?


Go check out Brown Sheep’s site and get a look at all of their wonderful yarn.  The only retailer I have found is about an hour away from me.  Boo!  But it is well worth the trip.  Brown Sheep is a family owned company located in Mitchell, Nebraska.  I love Nebraska.  I used to make a pit stop there on cross country drives in Sidney.  (Cabela’s was a great distraction for my son when he was a tiny tot.)

My thanks to Brown Sheep Company, for making this lady very happy.

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Christmas-y Craft Stuff

I have been working on The Tree.  Knowing me, I will be adding and subtracting stuff right up until Christmas Eve.  After all, The Tree must be perfect.

Okay, I lie.  I will fiddle with it, but not because I am OCD.  Nope, it’s because my children will NOT leave The Tree alone.  Ever.

I am about to post an obscene amount of photos of said tree.  Why?  Because the ornaments adorning it are in a fight for their very lives.  Might as well record them now for the history books.

I cut out paper snow flakes for HOURS.  I also made the Pinterest popsicle stick sno-flakes as well.  I like them a lot, but….next time I would skip the glitter .  I put some glitter dots on them and that was okay.  But I went to far with the glitter streaks.  I found out…you CAN have too much glitter.  Sad.  True.  Almost tragic.

Now sit back for the boring slide show…

You can learn all about these here. Pardon my dirty floor.  It is what it is.

Here’s The Tree en Toto.  Notice the ornaments on the ground.  Hi-ya!

This is the oldest ornament I have.  I picked this out when I was pregnant with Jacob.  He looked just like this!  Still does.  To me.

I crocheted a bajillion of these…but I wanted more snowflake!

I use The Tree to showcase things I love…and miss.

Yes, I miss both Hot and Cold Starbucks Love.

After getting the first Jacob ornament, I began collecting Mary’s Angels.  I have some that symbolize people who have run on ahead of me into heaven.  I have one for the little baby I never got to meet.  This isn’t her.  If I put that one up, I’ll cry.  It’s weighed on my heart lately.

Here’s Old St. Nick.  Even though I don’t believe in him and I don’t tell my kids about him.  He’s so cute though.  I can’t help it.  I love him.

Another oldie but goody.  The snow shoes.  I picked these up in Michigan along with ski’s, a fishing pole, a bear with a fishing basket, and other woodsy ornaments.

Well that’s all folks.  The Tree.  I think it needs more Snowflake!!!