Saturdays Are Good

Let’s take a little time to reflect what I managed to get done this week.

I managed to get TWO of the EPIC clumps of yarn untangled and rolled into rudimentary balls.

I started THIS with one of the colors.  (Can you guess what it is?) Reveal below.

I dug the rain jackets out of the winter box.  We played in the rain.

aaaaaaannnnd…. today I finished this!  It’s my stocking!  My FIRST knitted stocking!  Now I only need to make FOUR more.


Project: Chevron Baby Blankie!!!

So…I totally stole the idea for a chevron baby blanket from Vickie Howell.  Her pattern is too adorable and chevrons are so in.  (I don’t know why everyone is so gaga for them…okay, I lie, I’m gonna make a larger version for myself!)

Without further ado:



Here is the pattern:  Ode to Missoni at Target Chevy Baby Blanket

My color palette is a little different.  I didn’t use Sheep(ish).  I used something that would wear a little more like iron.  Tough stuff.  Scratchy.  For baby.

I’m thinking…babushkas!!!

I love Attic 24.  Now I will show you why:

Go on.  Check out her site.  Miss Lucy is truly inspiring.  Her color selections for crochet projects are absolutely gorgeous.

If anyone should want to purchase the Cute and Easy Crochet book she is highlighting…by all means.  Christmas is right around the corner!  I NEED to make those babushkas.