Sustainable Farming Under Attack

I am going to break my own rule and get a little political today.  A fellow Facebook-er put up a link to a video that made me so upset  I could spit red hot nails.

What’s the story?  Quail Hollow Farm, a CSA, located in Overton, Nevada was set to have a dinner to showcase the beautiful benefits of sustainable farming practices.  Farm fresh meats, produce, eggs, honey are produced locally on the farm.  All waste is effectively used as compost to nourish future crops.  Located in a quiet setting, the farm harkens back to the good ole days with a touch of modern flair.  The idea is “if they can do it, anyone can.”  A simple, elegant message that deserves praise in a time of excess and  waste.

Praise, unfortunately, did not come on the evening of October 21st, 2011.  What happened was a fiasco so Orwellian in nature that I struggle to even believe it.  What truly amazes me is that this would happen HERE in the United States when the “People of Tolerance” are in power.

The video link is here.

Here is a link to the article.

Read it.  Even if you don’t give a rip about sustainable farming, take the time to apply it to an area that you do give a rip about.  The government came in, tried to shut down a dinner because the food was not under the caring concern of our champions, the USDA.  The food not only had to be thrown away, it was deemed unfit for pigs.  The health inspector required that bleach be poured all over the food, lest the upstart farmers fish it out of the trashcans and eat it.

Is this America?  I know that sounds cliche, but a statement that makes sense of this situation completely eludes me.  I can understand that environmentalists have a beef with Big Agriculture.  I get it.  But this?  This farm represents the perfect “balance” as championed by environmentalists!  When something as ludicrous as this occurs I have to ask, do environmentalists realize who they are in bed with?  How does it feel to have linked arms with the government so tightly?  How does it feel to have your message hijacked and used to control innocent people?  You don’t see it?  Then tell me exactly what these people did wrong.  Oh, and after that, tell me how the government needs to instruct me on what I can and cannot give to my family.  Where has common sense gone?  If the government doesn’t tell me what I can feed my kids, I may just decide to give them bleach to drink.  Is that what it has come to?  Pish Posh.

I don’t want to live in a land where I am told the wage I WILL be making, the food I WILL be eating, the housing I WILL be living in, the work I WILL be doing, the clothes I WILL be wearing,  the number of children I WILL be having, the number of items I WILL be owning, the amount of money I WILL be “donating”.  That is not freedom.  That is life on the plantation.  And this country has shed too much blood, and fought too hard to go back to the plantation.  Wake up.  Wake up.  Wake up.


Is Grain Good For Us…Really?

Anyone who knows me has rolled their eyes at my back and forth when it comes to low carb living.  I get back on the wagon, I feel better….then, I want cake.  It’s a constant do over and it really drives me buggy.

The last few weeks I gave up trying to go low carb and just counted my calories.  I do notice my clothes loosing their snake tight grip, but just a little.  And, I feel like crap.  Again.

Yesterday I was reading the headlines and came across this video from

Go ahead and check it out.  I’ll wait.

I think I’ll be getting the book.

After seeing the video, I shared it on Facebook.  A very wise friend of mine commented on the biblical view of wheat.  That sent me hunting for the translation of wheat in the scriptures.  Sometimes the difference between what we get in todays Bible and the original text can be like night and day.  So I Googled “wheat in the Bible”.

This is the site that came up:

After reading her post on grains in the Bible, I began to tool around and read more of her posts.  She is amazing.  Her site breaks it all down quite simply and shows how to make the switch to no grain a no brainer.

My advice?  Check it out.  Research.  Ask questions.  Then, try it, if you like.  For 40 years my brothers and sisters on this rock have felt bad, grown unhealthy, and have grown large.  The answer is out there.  This may me the key, or it may just be another door to be opened, one room closer to the truth.  My grandma ate a lot of bread.  I eat a lot of bread.  I don’t want colon cancer.  She didn’t either.  For her, I seek the truth. (Cue orchestra.)