Felted Knit Rug

I finally finished my rug.  I felted it and everything.  Whew!  Let me show you where I put it.

Remember this nasty ole room?

…I need help!!! My horse for an interior decorator!” src=”https://pharmgirlfollies.files.wordpress.com/2011/02/getaway004.jpg?w=680″ alt=”” width=”680″ height=”1024″ />


Let’s just say it looks a whole lot better.

Here’s a purdy close up of aforementioned rug.

I used Stitch Nation Yarn.  I LOVE IT!

I also sewed up a curtain to hide the wretched closet.


And just looked at the Mod Podge light switch!



Well I am still trying to think of my second serious subject for the Lizipedia.  Until then, much love!


Funnel Cloud Friday

Yikes!  We’ve had a rash of Tornadoes here!  That’s not good for a lady with a nervous condition.  I was blessed by my Creator, who loves me and knows me like the back of His Hand, with peaceful, restful sleep.  Yep, I slept right on through the sirens and everathang.

That’s not to say I wasn’t pretty worried before I drifted off.  Growing up I heard stories about what a tornado sounds like.  (When they come at NIGHT, you can’t exactly LOOK for the OBVIOUS.)  By the way, I am so very thankful for all the grown ups who were in my life who told this scaredy cat about every frightening sound, disaster, and futuristic prediction that has ever come down the pike.  (My mom watched stuff about Nostradamus and Asteroids with me!!!)

Here is my inner dialogue during a windy night in Alabama.

“Okay, I think a tornado sounds like a train going by.  That’s what several people have told me.”

“Now, that sounds like a train.  Should it be like a fast train, or a slow meandering train?”

“Maybe the train story comes from the funnel cloud making the sound of a train whistle!”

“Okay, that sounds like a really close train.  Should I put the kids in the fireplace (NOT LIT) and cover them with a mattress?”

“Is the shower a better option?  Someone said hide in a tub with a mattress, but we have a SHOWER!.  Maybe I can put the kids in the shower if the sirens go off.”

“What if the roof comes off, and the kids are in the fireplace and that knocks some of the chimney rocks onto their heads?”

“That definitely sounds train-ish!!!!”

You see my line of crazy?  I just gave up and went to bed.

This morning I got up and read about all the tornado trauma.  I am so glad I slept through it all.  There’s only so long that I want to talk to myself about the wind.

While cleaning up my bedroom ( I blame the tornado for the mess) I found where my husband got his eyebrows.

Paul Clements aka Pawpaw

LOL!  I found the photo underneath the dresser.  I put it back together in its frame and lovingly placed it where it would not stare at me.  (It’s rather large, and very imposing.)

I also came across a picture of these two kids.

Jon and Liz-Gettin Hitched

That brings back some memories.

Suddenly surprised that the room was clean, I decided to snap a picture.  The last post I did about the house did not include a shot of our bedroom.


My room is the meeting place for every dresser in the house.  The wardrobe leads the meeting in the corner and the others wrap their way around to the door.  Each one has a home, I just haven’t moved them yet.

Enjoy your Funnel Free ( I hope ) Friday,

Stay safe and God bless…


>…I need help!!! My horse for an interior decorator!

>A while back I gave you a tour of the farm.

Today, I will give you, gentle reader, a tour of the house.  At least, most of the house.  I did not snap pics of our bedroom or Jacobs bedroom.  Believe it or not, they were in worse condition than the other rooms.  When I get down to making those rooms over, I will post all the before and afters you can stand.

Here is the living room:

The area over by the fireplace is most frustrating.  There are cardboard ceiling tiles that are sagging.  The whole living room ceiling seems to be pulling away due to past water damage.  (The roof has been replaced, and the beams underneath appear to be fine.  It’s just the plaster that’s falling down.)

Another angle

We haven’t changed anything in the room.  Just stuck our stuff in there.  We have my husbands recliner, grandma’s old chair and an ikea klippan couch for seating.  I hope the paneling will paint nicely.  I really don’t want to have to tear all of that down along with the ceiling. The floors are just the old sub floor.  Pawpaw got a wild hair and had the carpet torn out.  The boards are springy.  If I keep my weight down, we should be okay.

The door that is closed leads to Jacobs room.  His room is the largest in the house as far as bedrooms go.  The room boasts the same paneling as the living room.

Here we go down the hallway

Notice anything?  Yep, crooked walls.  I am truly hoping that it’s just bowed paneling.  Hey, I can hope, right? This is facing back toward the living room.  On the left are two doors.  The first leads to our bedroom, the second goes to the bathroom.

Okay, the picture is very crooked.  Don’t panic. Can I just take a moment to vent here?  Why in the hey diddly heck fi do people put water heaters in the bathroom and not build a closet around them?  Or build the closet and not put a DOOR?  This is the second house I have been in that I have to stare at an UGLY water heater.  It makes me so MAD!

Okay-dusting off-carrying on.  The bathroom once had a claw foot tub.  It was removed and now there is a shower insert that has two walls that jut out and it makes zero sense.  Instead of butting it up into a corner, it just hangs out there.  It blocks the window, and leaves a small gap about a foot wide.  Maybe some shelves can go there.  Of all the rooms, I scratch my head the most on this one.

Let’s move on to the kitchen and dining area

BTW, Char-lie (aka Stovie) has been replaced.  I’ll pass on the moment of silence.  Wanna hear the best part?  Lowes was willing to take the darned thing away for free, but my father in law wanted to keep it.  (He had just replaced all the elements by G– and put a new cord on it!!!)  Now it holds a place on our FRONT PORCH.


Up next is the back porch.  One day it will be a guest/school room.

The room has lot of windows and is full of light.  As you can see, the ceiling is especially bad in this room.  This room gets priority over the others because it is kinda dangerous.  At any given time a piece of the ceiling can fall down.  Not good for guests.  Excuse the mess.   The porch and the laundry room is the “just throw it anywhere” area of the house right now.

This is what happens when Jon decorates:


He said he just wanted to get the stacks of pictures out of the way, so the cats wouldn’t pee on them.  Yeah right!  If there is a picture lying around, it drives him absolutely nuts if its not on the wall.

The laundry room needs a lot of t.l.c, too.


Those two closets are the only ones in the house that have doors.  Our room and the bathroom have tiny closets that are not deep enough to hold a standard hanger.  The other bedrooms have no closet at all.

The hole goes up to the attic.  The mess…needs to be torched.

There it is.  I don’t know where to start.  I am overwhelmed!  I have lots of ideas, but I am just one gal here in Alabama.  My plan is to go room by room and take my time.

I’d love to wake up one morning and it all be done.