Dumb stuff and all that implies.

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I like a little drama.  I like a little gossip.  It’s the me in me.  I admit it.  I have a lot of work to do fo sho.  I tend to like my gossip and drama to be a little light hearted.  I don’t want to hear about someone burning their house down for the insurance money.  I want to hear about babies, and stupid husband tricks.  Much beyond that it takes a toll on me.  Sure it might tickle my hears for a bit, but then I mull it over, and then I start WORRYING about all parties involved.  Worrying leads to heart palpitations and incessant talking about situations that are beyond my control. After that it makes my husband mad.

So it REALLY sucks when a situation goes down and all fingers point to me.  Well cut those fingers off and shove em in a hot dog bun, cuz I had nothing to do with this latest round of drama.  I guess I’m a target because I’m the outsider.  Dumb.  Stuff weighs on me.  I don’t want to hear it!  I’ve been hearing it for a year.  I can’t solve the situation! I don’t have certification in FIXING.

I am sure you can relate.  One person does all kinds of stuff.  Everyone talks about their stuff.  Oh, SUM-BUDDY just needs to sit this person down and scold them about all their stuff.  SUM-BUDDY should step in and stop this person from sawing off their own head.  Right on!  Well, do it ya own self.  Quit telling me about it.  SUM-BUDDY isn’t gonna be me.  Cause you know what?  It hasn’t done any good.  When a person is so wrapped up in the hustle and flow of their own life, gluing that house of cards together, running two steps ahead of everybody else, he/she can see ole SUM-BUDDY coming a mile away.  That’s just long enough for them to come up with another sob story.

And here we are, the curtain has come crashing down.  Now there is forced accountability.  Two choices remain.  Straighten up or stick to the same old stuff.  I will love you and pray for you over here.  Alone.  Outside all that stuff.  When you are ready, feel free to join me.

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