The Teenager is Now The Adult.

Well, it happened.  My first born baby boy is 18.  It seems like yesterday that I held his tiny newborn body out over the edge of Pride Rock and…oh wait.  Eighteen years, gone in a flash.

One of the earliest memories that stands out the most for me is of him in the bed with me.  He was a big baby (9lbs 6oz), but so very little to this new mom.  I couldn’t help but be amazed.  He was so perfect and beautiful and he was mine.  That was mind blowing for my 19 year old self.

The circumstances of his birth were tough, but oh the reward was so very sweet.  To have the honor and privilege of watching him grow into the man he is today. This day. There were many bumps in the road, but those mostly came from outside sources.  Today, I remain so very proud of Jacob’s character.  He has always been the kid who would carry the spider outside, never would hurt a fly.  He expresses such sorrow over suffering of people in the world.  He is pretty empathetic like his momma, though the world has worked hard to beat it out of him.

So, to my beautiful son I say take the bull by the horns.  Live.  Love.  Leave a positive mark.  Have some fun.  Cry a little, die a little, and grow a lot.  It will be tough, it will be difficult,and it will be amazing.  Just like you.

Happy Birthday  Jacob Christopher Taylor



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