Bachmann Overdrive Turns A Corner

She was the little engine that could.  No matter what you may think of Michele Bachmann the gal had chutzpah.  Give me some of that energy and I might be able to get the laundry folded AND put away.

I’m not one to follow politics…..HAHAHAHHAHAHA.  (Wipes tears of laughter from eyes.)  Okay, I am a little bit nutty.  I am a right wing conservative wacko.  Hard core.  That is, until you get me one on one and tell me your story.  Then I realize that not every square peg can be jammed into a round hole.  We all have our reasons, right?  It’s our differences that make us lovely and true.  I can roll wit dat.


I miss the days (when were they?) of polite and respectful.  You know, the days when you could have dinner and drinks with a neighbor for twenty years, know everything about their kids and jobs, maybe their faith.  Politics, abortion and deep personal matters were off the table.  There was no lamenting about not really “knowing” your friends through and through.  Private matters were chalked up to being “none of my business.”  Now we talk about EVERYTHING.  Some things are good to bring into the light.  Abuse, tragedy, grief.  Others, well, you know what they are and where they should stay.  (I really DON’T want to hear about all your medications, sores, or how often you and your husband get busy.) (Unless it’s really bizarre and shocking.) (Hey, I’m human!)

In an election year the absence of friendly is like a shoe full of sea urchins.  Prickly.  The divide between dems and repubs has gone from ravine to chasm in less than twenty years.  What will the world look like in another decade?  I’m frightened at the thought.

I will make the effort to increase the friendly.  Just not toward Mitt Romney.  I kid, I kid. ( Kinda.)